As we have 15 plus years expertise in banking and risk management applications, we normally deal with our client’s raw data for analysis purpose. Final outputs are charts, plots and output data grids. We have developed various projects such as Loan Loss Migration(PLLM), Loss Equivalent Quotient(LEQ), Asset Quality Forecast(AQF), Value-at-Risk(VaR), Retail Lending Loan Loss forecast(RLLF), LGD, where we deal with historical data and based on historical data we use mathematical models to forecast future Losses, Reserve requirements etc. We have used various technologies for different applications such as C#.Net, Java, Servlet, JSP, struts, spring mvc, ejb, javascript, jquery, dojo, angularjs, etc. Databases used are Oracle, MS SQL Server. Applications have been deployed on various application/web servers like IIS, Jboss, WebSphere. We have used R for statistical analysis. For reporting purpose, we have used Crystal Report and Jasper.
We have a sound experience in ETL. We have done couple of projects on ETL and Data cleansing using Informatica and MS SSIS and SSDT.
We have expertise on Tableau as well to create tableau dashboards, charts and plots.
We have expertise on Mobility application development as well. We have built mobile applications using Phonegap, Cordova and native android API. Web Services/Methods are used for data communication.
We have developed e-Commerce web sites
We are currently developing a Gaming mobile application using Unity 3D.
Technical SkillSet

Programming Language:
Java, .Net

Struts, Spring MVC, J2EE, Hibernate

JavaScript, jQuery

Scripting Framework:

Technology:,, servlet, jsp, php, Angular JS

Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL

Data Modeler:

Informatica, SSIS

Statistical Package:
S, R

Crypto currency:
Bicoin, Ripple

Cordova, Unity 3D

Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop, Coral Draw, Character Studio

Data Analytics: